Heating Repair and Maintenance

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Does Your Heater Need to be Repaired?

Heating Repair and MaintenanceThere is never a good time for your equipment to break down. At Summit, we understand that your comfort is important to you. With over 15 years of experience, our service technicians are qualified to diagnose and repair all of your heating problems.

Proper Heating System Repair is Important

It’s important to know that faulty heating equipment can cause damage to your home, or worse, can even be fatal!

  • Faulty equipment is inefficient, costing you more money to operate
  • Faulty equipment can cause house fires
  • Faulty gas heaters can leak fatal carbon monoxide into your home

Diagnosing Your Heating Problems

Not sure what’s wrong with your system? Our highly trained and experienced heating technicians can diagnose any problems that you may be having.

Fixing Your Heating Problems

Once diagnosed, our technicians can quickly and confidently fix your heating problems.

Save Money

Instead of replacing your entire heating system, we can often save you money by repairing your existing system (when it’s safe to do so!)

Other Heating Services We Provide:

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