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What is a Condenser, and what does it do?

The condenser is the part of your air conditioning system that is usually located outside, on the back, or side of your house. The condenser plays an important role in keeping your house cool. It’s job is to absorb heat from inside of your house, where it then transfers it back outside and dissipates it into the surrounding air. Without the condenser, your air conditioning system won’t work.

Does Your Condenser Need to be Cleaned?

  • Do you have high utility bills?
  • Is the air inside of your house not as cold as it used to be?
  • Can you see leaves, grass, or other debris on the outside of your condenser?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you condenser might need to be cleaned.

Schedule a condenser cleaning today to start saving money, increase your comfort, and prolong the life of your air conditioning system!

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