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Your air conditioner requires a precise amount of refrigerant — often called Freon — in order to work correctly. If you don’t have enough Freon, your air conditioner won’t cool. Having too much Freon can result in permanent damage to your air conditioner!

Why Do You Need to Add Freon?

The most common reason that you need to add Freon to your air conditioning system is because over time small holes develop in the refrigerant lines, or in your air conditioning equipment itself, causing the Freon to leak out. Often, these small leaks will occur around welded joints due to the movement and vibration while your air conditioner is running.

Do You Need to Add Freon Often?

In a lot of cases, the leaks that occur are very small, and usually won’t require immediate attention. However, if you need to add Freon on a regular basis — every summer, or sooner — then you probably have a bigger leak, and should seriously consider getting it repaired.

If this is the case, Summit has advanced leak detection tools to find and fix your leaks.

Let Summit Add Freon to You Air Conditioner

To ensure accuracy, Summit uses state-of-the-art technology and methods when adding Freon to your air conditioner. Schedule today for a technician to come to your home.

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